Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2018: Choir Of The World


choir of the world 2018

We are extremely proud to announce that The NUSChoir has clinched the title of Choir of the World and won the most coveted Pavarotti trophy!🏅 We would like to thank all of you for being with us here on this journey, supporting and cheering us on! 🙌🏻


The Journey

The competition was held over two days, 6th and 7th July. The NUSChoir would compete in 3 categories: Youth(6th July), Mixed and Open(7th July). Winners of the individual categories would then compete in the Grand Finals for the coveted title of "Choir of The World" and the Pavarotti Trophy. 


On the first day, we participated in the Youth Category. Singing "Il Coro Delle Malmaritate", "Zhu Li Guan" and "Die Spokevals", we would achieve a 2nd place in the Youth category.



Later in the afternoon, we took part in the Parade of Nations where every country showcased their culture through music making and wearing their costumes!


The second day, for Mixed Category, we would sing "Iuppiter", "Reminiscences of Hainan" and "Kijo". We achieved a 4th placing for the Mixed Category.

For the Open Category, we followed the theme of "Children's games", showcasing "Pokpok Alimpako", "Japanese Game" and "Humpty Dumpty Medley", where "Humpty Dumpty Medley" proved to be a crowd favourite. We eagerly anticipated the results of this category, achieving a 2nd place, we heaved a sigh of relief as this meant that we qualified for the Grand Finals.


In the Grand Finals, we sang "When David Heard", "Que Rico E" and "Humpty Dumpty Medley" again, most of us were just glad to have sung in the finals, and we sang our hearts out.

Cheers erupted when The NUSChoir was announced as Choir Of The World!


We would like to thank a few people for making this dream come true. Many thanks goes to NUS Centre For the Arts for helping us before and through this trip. ✨ 

To our dearest conductor Prof Nelson Kwei, thank you for making this dream come true! The amount of time, effort and love you have invested to teach and guide us has certainly paid off. ❤️ The choir has trained extremely hard for this competition, and we are beyond grateful and blessed to have won this prize last night. It is a dream come true, and we certainly sang without regrets.

Watch our Youth, Mixed and Open Categories!

  • Youth - First NUSChoir Video with 2nd Place
  • Mixed - NUSChoir Video without placing

  • Youth - Second NUSChoir Video with 2nd Place

Watch our Grand Finals Performance!

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