Varsity Voices 2018: Palette

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An artist uses different strokes and a palette of colours to bring a picture to life. Likewise, The NUSChoir seeks to tell the diverse stories and ambience from all over the world through the varying tones of music and the mixture of voices from our singers.

Feel the wrath of God with Iuppiter by Michael Ostryzga and marvel at the brilliance of the northern lights with Rivers of Light by Eriks Esenvalds. Embrace the tranquil and serene motif of a sitter nestled in the heart of a bamboo forest with Zechariah Goh’s Zhu Li Guan.

Palette thus encompasses the different moods of the wide variety of songs that The NUSChoir is performing this year. Ponder about the purpose of a flower’s life cycle in Hana by Ko Matsushita and experience the children’s circle game from Philippines with Pokpok Alimpako by Francisco F. Feliciano. Feel the tender love of a mother’s embrace in A Basque Lullaby by Dan Forrest and face the terror of the demon lady in Kijo by Hideki Chihara.

Palette is beyond just expressing the tones of songs as well. As There Are Flowers by Colin Britt is based on a poem by Edna St. Vincent, illustrating the hardships faced by the poet and her persistence in not straying from her path. While it may not be a stroll in the park in pursuing our passions, The NUSChoir believes in staying true to spreading our love of music.

The repertoire for Varsity Voices this year also includes pieces that will be performed in our competition in Llangollen, North Wales. These songs include Ill-Married Women by Luigi Dallapiccola and Reminiscences of Hainan by Zechariah Goh. The NUSChoir continues to endeavour to be Singapore’s representative choir and inspire people through our music.

Explore the different facets of music and its intricacies that paint many different pictures with us as we take you through the various colors of music that color our life beyond grayscale. 



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